CLT's boldest women owned businesses

CLT's boldest women owned businesses

CLT's boldest women owned busine...

What are you looking for?

Welcome to the premier guide to Charlotte, NC’s boldest women-owned businesses!

“Can anyone recommend a an amazing ____________ (insert marketing company, SEO strategist, favorite place to host a networking events) ?”

You've seen the posts.


We have a solution.

You may now search from hundreds of Charlotte, NC women-owned businesses…all in one place. (Coupled with reviews, perks and events.)


Alpha Female is the place to:

Search local, women-owned businesses. A hub for women business owners to connect and do business with one another (with options to join a private community for support and live events) and search premium (elite) listings; which are vetted and must meet a 5-point criteria of excellence to hold the spot.


Why the name?

In recent studies of wolf packs--there is no gender. Leaders emerge based on skill, power, and how they care for and nurture the pack.

"The main characteristic of an alpha wolf is a quiet confidence, quiet self-assurance. You know what you need to do; you know what’s best for your pack. You lead by example. You’re very comfortable with that. You have a calming effect.”

We like that definition and believe a correlation can be made in the world of women who own businesses.  

For over 2 years the Live Loud Collective has brought women business owners together in our private community —The Alpha Female directory opens the door to bring more eyes on our members as well as other Charlotte’s women-owned businesses and create more synergy in the women-owned space. 

Our ‘pack’ believes in creating ‘alignment’ within their business to support a life they are actually proud to lead—and encourage other women to do the same.  

We are so proud to live in a city where so many women are leading the pack.